The Best in Aviation Television!

FlyingTV.com, formerly Uflytv.com, is a unique streaming, on-demand subscription service that delivers dynamic network-quality, high-definition aviation films (hundreds of them) on your iPad, iPhone, Android device, laptop or home television set. The films include historic and modern footage never seen before. There’s something for everyone: warbirds, interviews with aviation icons and WWII pilots, antique and aerobatic aircraft…the world of aviation at your fingertips. It’s commercial free…pure aviation! Join us in the cockpit for hours and hours of great aviation programming.

The principals of FlyingTV.com have very likely produced more aviation television than anyone in the media business. They have collaborated to produce six aviation-based cable television series, consisting of some 250 shows that total over 300 hours of running time. The team has received more than 40 national and international awards for creative excellence for this work, including the National Aviation Hall of Fame’s Combs Gates Award.

Launched in 2019, FlyingTV.com is the dynamic digital companion to Flying, the world's most widely read aviation magazine.