A LIFE ALOFT Dr. Bill Harrison

Length 20:38
Aviation touches all of and fascinates millions of us. For hundreds of thousands of vital and successful people, personal flying is central to their lifestyle. Those who own and fly their own aircraft enjoy a level of freedom, efficiency, mobility and independence to which others can only aspire. Dr. Bill Harrison, a surgeon from Tulsa, Oklahoma, has spent a lifetime restoring, flying and sharing legacy military aircraft. He has twice served as President of the EAA Warbirds of America and has given tirelessly of his time amid treasure to keep these national treasures flying. This film is a co-production of Sleeping Dog Productions and Fred & Barbara Telling. Both share their love of aviation owning a North American P-51 Mustang "Lady B" and a T-6 Texan. Fred also sits on the EAA Warbird Board of Directors.