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Airline Captain, P-51 Mustang Pilot, President of Warbirds of America - Connie Bowlin

Connie Bowlin  was “Hooked on Flying” after taking a first lesson in college. In 1978, she became the fourth female pilot ever hired by Delta Airlines. For Delta she flew the 727, the DC-9, the MD-88, the B-767 and the B-757. That was her job. Flying just about any airplane she can  get her hands on … well,  that’s been her passion. Said Connie, “Flying isn’t a function. It’s a daily source of inspiration. With my subscription to Flying I can be inspired 24-7-365 by the over 800 high-def aviation experiences at my finger tips!” is the digital VOD companion to FLYING, the world’s most widely read aviation magazine. It is produced by aviators for those who are fascinated by flight, in all its forms.  It’s the only TV channel exclusively dedicated to aviation! Subscribe now and get unlimited access to all content for just pennies a day! No matter what your area of flying interest is, sign on, sign in and take off!