Harry Katzman, originally a Brooklyn native, is a pilot who flew 24 missions over Germany in 1944. On the 24th, his plane was severely damaged by flak and 109s but managed to crash land back in the UK. Harry spent a month in the hospital recovering from wounds. The Army Air Force refused his request to get his 25th mission in and transferred him to a position in intelligence. Harry was from a German family in Brooklyn, New York, spoke fluent German, and was selected to parachute into Germany in early 1945 on a secret mission to locate advanced underground German weapons and possibly aircraft manufacturing facilities and to recover documents and intelligence therefrom. He did so and was eventually reunited in situ with advancing American forces in Germany. Harry went on to return to Germany - Rhein Main Air Base flying in the Berlin Airlift, switched out his uniform from brown U.S. Army Air Corps to blue U.S. Air Force, became a member of SAC Strategic Air Command, flew F-102's and F-104's... was hired as an Associate Producer for the USO tours to Korea and Vietnam. Length 40:00.