MTCTW Ep.1 The Call To War

Featuring Gary Sinise
The Doolittle Tokyo Raid, America's first direct strike back at Japan, following its attack on Pearl Harbor is widely considered one of the most daring and important aviation missions in military history. General Hap Arnold, Chief of the Army Air Forces, persuaded aviation legend James H. Doolittle to return to active duty at age 46, to plan and execute the raid. The Doolittle Raider Foundation presented Sleeping Dog Productions with an Appreciation Award which said "The Doolittle Raiders present this award to the producers of Sleeping Dog Productions, who have created one of the most correct accountings in your documentary of our historic raid on the Empire of Japan, April 18, 1942. We deeply appreciate your effort, honesty and commitment to the facts and to telling the story of the mission as it was designed and executed. With our deepest respects, The Doolittle Tokyo Raiders."