The Golden Age Of Aviation Episode 2

The Golden Age Of Aviation, the period in the history of aviation between the end of World War I 1918 and the beginning of World War II 1939. The Square Tail Stearman C-3B is featured. The Stearman C-3B was a three-place open cockpit biplane which was produced between 1927 and 1929 in both passenger and mailplane versions. The mailplane version was designated as the C-3MB and was licensed under ATC No. 137. Several other variants were built in small numbers, such as the C-3H and C-3K, which varied primarily in the engines that were installed. They were licensed initially under the Group 2 Approved Memos. Eventually, all such variants were converted to C-3B configuration and carried on Stearman Co. records simply as Model C-3Bs. In total, 143 airplanes considered as Model C-3Bs were built in Wichita beginning with C/N 105 through the final airplane completed, C/N 248. Length 5:00.