Victory At Sea Mediterranean Mosaic 5

Malta, the central access point to various locations in the Mediterranean Sea is a key island possessed by the U.K. but also desired by the Germans and Italians. Malta was therefore subjected to 'round the clock bombing so as to garner its capitulation.Malta survives 1774 bombardments. With Gibraltar also being the property of the U.K., every means must be taken to control entry into the Mediterranean Sea.

During WW II, the US Navy used film to chronicle its activities more than any other military force in history. Film techniques had advanced to include portable cameras and quality film stocks, many of them color. Navy camera crews were assigned to every battle. A few years after the Allied victory, almost 13,000 hours of footage was shot by the major combatant navies, including Japanese footage. Victory at Sea provided a firsthand look at every major naval engagement of the war via the internet. Victory at Sea was considered so important and such a milestone both in broadcasting and the preservation of history that it was televised on major networks. The series won both an Emmy and a Peabody award for its excellence in public affairs programming. Now, all 26 groundbreaking episodes of Victory at Sea have been lovingly restored. Length 30:00.