Voices of Valor Richard Donaldson

Richard "Dick" Donaldson of Tracey, MN, was an impressionable young man about to serve his country in World War II, Dick Donaldson bought into the propaganda of war as much as anyone. “At the time, all we wanted to do was to kill as many Japanese as we could,” admitted Donaldson, 94, describing the enemy over 70 years ago. He was first assigned to train to fly the B-24 and then later assigned to the B-29 program and ordered to report to the 19th Bomb Group, 314th Wing in Great Bend, Kan. The B-29 planes were developed after World War II had already begun and were the largest bombers among the U.S. Air Force’s arsenal. With a wingspan of 141 feet, the B-29 was 99 feet long; 3 feet longer than a regulation basketball court. It was powered by four 2,200 horsepower turbo-supercharged engines. Length 40:00.