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Warbirds In Review 2019 P-51B and P-51D Old Crow Bud Anderson

When you pair a World War II triple Ace with one of the most significant aircraft of World War II you have the makings for a memorable presentation.  When that Ace is Col Bud Anderson and his “Old Crow” you have the favorite addition to every Warbirds in Review schedule for the past 17 years.  Warbird members are pleased to say that Col Anderson is their friend and they honored him by inducting him into the Warbird Hall of Fame in 2017.  Jim Hagedorn will be sitting down with Bud in a rare one on one interview.  This is one not to miss.  Who knows what Jim will ask Bud.  Might hear a brand new story or two.  Jack Roush will also participate in this unique group discussion of pilots and more importantly friends. Length 60:00.