Warbirds in Review 2017 BT-13 Valiant WASP

National WASP WWII Museum, The American Aviation Heritage Foundation Mildred “Jane” Doyle, Carol Cain and Terry Baker 

In 1942, as the country reeled from the attack on Pearl Harbor, trained male pilots were in short supply. Qualified pilots were needed to fight the war. Twenty-eight experienced civilian women pilots volunteered to take the job of ferrying aircraft. They formed the country’s first female squadron in late summer 1942. In 2017 the American Aviation Heritage Foundation donated a beautiful, newly restored BT-13 to the WASP museum. This BT-13 from start to finish was intended for donation to the WASP to be flown in tribute to their service. Time 59:00

Also available on DVD: www.aviationautographs.com