Warbirds In Review: Curtiss P-40 Aleutian Tiger and Warhawk

During World War II, only one large-scale military campaign was fought on American soil. It began on June 3, 1942, when Japanese forces attacked U.S. positions in the Aleutians, a desolate island chain off the coast of Alaska. The stage was set for one of the most hard-fought, and little-known, theaters of the war. When the United States entered this conflict, the P-40 was in large-scale production at a critical period in the nation’s history when fighter planes were needed in large numbers. Karen Abel is the granddaughter of the WWll RCAF pilot, P/O Robert W. Lynch who flew Frasca's P-40 during the Aleutian Campaign. WWII Aleutian campaign veteran/pilot Bob Brocklehurst is also featured. Cover Photo Courtesy Larry Grace.