Dewey Wayne Waddell - Colonel O-6,  U.S. Air ForceU.S. Air Force 1956-1987, Cold War 1956-1987. Vietnam War 1967-1973 (POW). After completing F-105 Thunderchief Combat Crew Training, he was assigned to the 354th Tactical Fighter Squadron of the 355th Tactical Fighter Wing at Takhli Royal Thai AFB, Thailand, in April 1967. Maj Waddell was forced to eject over North Vietnam and became a Prisoner of War while flying his 47th combat mission on July 5, 1967. After spending 2,070 days in captivity, he was released during Operation Homecoming on March 4, 1973, and then attended Air War College at Maxwell AFB, Alabama. Col Waddell then remained on the faculty of the Air War College until 1975, when he transferred to the Pentagon and worked on the Department of Defense Joint Service Committee on Air Munitions Standardization from 1975 to 1979.
Major Dewey W. Waddell distinguished himself by gallantry in connection with military operations against an opposing armed force as an F-105 Pilot over North Vietnam on 5 July 1967. On that date, Major Waddell was a member of a flight of F-105s which attacked and destroyed a key hostile railroad yard. The target was defended by one of the most accurate concentrations of antiaircraft artillery in North Vietnam. Even though he received several direct hits from the deadly flak, Major Waddell continued his attack until he delivered his ordnance. By his gallantry and devotion to duty, Major Waddell has reflected great credit upon himself and the United States Air Force. Length 1:14:00